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Keep your peace of mind

At Florida Property Services we offer several benefits for every owner

Exclusive communication channels 

Communication is a top priority for us, that’s why we have a direct phone line and exclusive channels for property owners. This is essential to maintain accurate and real-time communication.

Web owner portal

As an owner, you will have access to an exclusive homeowner portal (phone, tablet and pc) where you can monitor active bookings in real time, manage your own reservations, request services, make inquiries and more. 

Detailed Monthly statements

You will receive a monthly statement with all the details of bookings, paid services, guest services, requests, repairs and more. This is important to actively monitor the property along the year.

Tax & HOA payments

Based on your needs, at Florida Property Services we take care of paying taxes, expenses and services as needed so you don't have to worry about pay days or surcharges.

Inspections & Claims

After each guest, our inspection team checks the property for breakages or damaged objects. In this way we make the corresponding claims to avoid unnecessary expenses to the owner.

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