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Property benefits


Cleaning is one of the most important aspects of this business

Our experienced and professional cleaning team makes sure that your property is perfectly cleaned, sanitized and ready for the next guest.

We follow COVID 19 protocols to guarantee the sanitization of each area.


Additionally, after each cleaning, we carry out rigorous inspections to maintain our high standard and ensure that the property is ready for the next guest.

Florida Property Services Property Management Orlando Cleaning

We inspect your property before and after each guest

Through our standardized processes and digital checklist we always guarantee the highest standard.



Maintenance 24/7 to keep the property in the best condition always

We understand that properties suffer minor damage from constant use. That's why our repair team takes care of fixing these problems quickly and efficiently 24/7 to guarantee the quality and comfort of the property and guests.

Additionally, we provide the following services:

- Pool Care

- Lawn Care

- Pest Control

- Trash Pickup

- AC Support

- Pressure Washing

- Carpet Cleaning

- Windows Cleaning

- Deep Cleaning

And more!

Florida Property Services Property Management Orlando Pool Care
Florida Property Services Property Management Orlando Lawn Care
Florida Property Services Property Management Orlando Pressure wash

Regular walk arounds in addition to regular maintenance

Included in our service, our team carries out permanent inspections to guarantee the condition and proper functioning of the property. AC filters, smoke detectors, bulbs, toilet operation and batteries are some of the many checks we carry out regularly. 

Every check and repair carried out on the property is recorded and stored in the "Home History" database in our system. In this way, we know the health of each house through time.

Join us Florida Property Services

Join us and discover

True Peace of Mind!

It would be a pleasure to chat with you if you need more information. You can call or text us at: 

(407) 848-1500

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