We offer our services based on three big benefits:


Discover true peace of mind

We are your eyes and ears in Orlando. Our team offers you peace of mind that your home is under constant supervision 365 days a year!


Through the high standards in our services, we take care of every detail in the property management processes.

24/7 Communication channels:

Communication is a top priority for us, that’s why we have a direct phone line and exclusive channels for property owners. This is essential to maintain accurate and real-time communication.

Exclusive Owner web portal:

As an owner, you will have access to an exclusive portal where you can monitor active bookings in real time, manage your own reservations, request services, make inquiries and much more.

Detailed monthly statements:

You will receive a monthly statement with all the details of bookings, paid services, guest services, requests, repairs and more! This is important to actively monitor the property along the year.

Tax & HOA payments:

Based on the needs of each owner, at Florida Property Services we take care of paying taxes, expenses and services as needed so you don't have to worry about expirations or surcharges.

Home watch support and inspections:

If the property is empty more than 15 days, we walk trough to check the status, flush toilets, check faucets, smoke detectors, alarm system and more according to your requirements.

24/7 Communication channels:

Exlusive Owner Phone line: +1 (407) 848-1500 





Special request





Taxes & Payments


Maintenance ---> Santiago


In addition to all the owner benefits, we also offer the following services for the benefit of your property if needed:


Our experienced and professional cleaning team makes sure that your property is perfectly cleaned, sanitized and ready for the next guest. We follow COVID 19 protocols to guarantee the sanitization of each area.

Pool care:

The pool is as important to us as it is to guest. Once a week our pool technician checks the balance of chemicals, cleans filters, brushes tiles and decking. We keep the pools in the best condition, always!

Lawn Care:

All grass is kept in optimum condition including cutting, edging and small shrubs trimmed. All large trees and shrubs will be monitored every time and you will be notified when trimming is necessary.

Pest control:

Our pest control service guarantees the correct treatment of different pests in Florida. This service is completed once a quarter to both inside and outside of the home, also includes a call out facility during the contract should a problem arise.

Maintenance and repairs:

We understand that properties suffer minor damage from constant use. That's why our repair team takes care of fixing these problems quickly and efficiently to guarantee the quality and comfort of the property.

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When we take care of managing the bookings of a property, the guests are in constant communication with us through the chat in the platform, email, and phone. We handle everything, from inquiries before booking, through hiring extra services, to check in assistance and fluent communication during their stay.

Vacation rentals:

We list your property in the most popular portals such as Airbnb, VRBO,, TripAdvisor, Ocean Beds, Expedia, among others. Our goal is to maximize the occupancy and profitability of the property.

Dynamic pricing:

We work with dynamic pricing algorithm in our booking platforms for you to never lose the chance to get the best nightly rate possible. The top 4 factors we use are: Local demand, seasonality, day of the week and special events.

24/7 Guest support:

We keep an open communication channel with our guest 24/7 listening to their needs and providing solutions to each situation. In this way, you can relax knowing that your home is being taking care of by our team.

Extra services for guest:

We offer different types of extra services for the comfort of each guest. Some of them are BBQ Grill rental, pool heat (if applicable), baby gear & pack n’ play, baby highchairs, and more!

Inspections and claims:

After each guest, our inspection team checks the property for anomalies, breakages, damaged objects, etc. In this way we make the corresponding claims to avoid unnecessary expenses to the owner.

How much does it cost to hire a

Property Manager?

The prices when hiring a property management may vary depending on the type of property you have, the size and the amount of services you want around it.

Some homeowners give us total control of the property while others decide to take care of some services, such as handling the bookings and guests themselves while we only take care of maintenance and cleaning services.

The possibilities are endless and whatever is your case, we are here to help you and advise you in the process.

That's why, if you are looking to know how much it costs to hire us for the management of your property, get in touch with our team!


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